My name is Angeliska, and I'm an intuitive tarot reader with over 20 years of experience working with the cards. The tarot is a fascinating and powerful tool that has been used for divination for centuries. Helping people find answers through the symbolic wisdom of the cards is something that I am deeply passionate about, and truly love doing.

I give in-depth spiritual readings that generally take at least an hour. These readings can be intense and deeply therapeutic. If your heart and mind are open, you will receive soul-level energy work from me as well as divination. I am an empath, and my psychic abilities are based on an emotional connection that I strive to create with my clients.

This experience is not about getting easy answers or entertainment, so please come prepared to hear the truth, and to step up and do the work with me to bring you to your highest good. I am extremely grateful to be walking a path of humble and compassionate spiritual service, and to be able to help seekers of wisdom on their own journeys. I have found that it is possible to inspire profound and life-changing growth and development in working with my clients, which is a truly amazing process to bear witness to!

My rate for an hour long, 15 card reading is $100. If you are a student, single mom, teacher, senior citizen, or otherwise under major financial strain, feel free to inquire so we can discuss my sliding scale rate.

All tarot readings are given in a charming vintage 1940's era Royal Spartanette trailer located in my leafy and peaceful backyard in East Austin. All sessions are private and completely confidential. Expect reliability, accuracy, and friendliness. The cards never lie – my readings are the real deal.

Sister Temperance Tarot was voted Best Tarot Reader in the Austin Chronicle's Best of Austin Awards for 2012!

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